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A call for donations to help support children with special needs in El Paso

Please join us in supporting PdN Children’s during this 5th Annual El Paso Giving Day.

PdN Children’s has been providing the highest quality service to families of children with special needs since 1948. A lot has changed since then. The one thing that hasn’t is our strident determination to make sure that children with special needs achieve their fullest potential.

This is achieved by five stellar programs that assist in the diagnosis and remediation of various issues that children and their families may face.

  • Early Childhood Intervention (ECI)

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

  • Community Resources Center (CRC)

  • Inclusive Early Learning Center (IELC)

  • Pediatric Therapy

If you or someone you know could utilize our services, please call (915) 544-8484 to make a consultation appointment with one of our trained experts in child development.

Your donation today helps us provide the necessary therapies that families rely on to help their children reach their full potential and elevate their quality of life.

Please consider donating today on this 5th Annual El Paso Giving Day.

Thank you, El Paso!!