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Intake/Referral Specialist

Intake/Referral Specialist


PdN Children’s is looking for someone who is energetic, friendly, reliable, who can work effectively with
co-workers, clients, and collateral parties. PdN Children’s sets high standards of personal conduct and
reliability, for which, the employee will be rated on their ability to meet these standards.
The best candidate will be one who is a team player, as well as, capable of working independently. They
must have good oral and written communication skills, preferably bilingual, as well as, good computer
skills of varied programs that are used. Someone who is organized and able to multitask and prioritize to
meet specified timelines for performance and productivity. The candidate is someone who can willfully
accept constructive guidance and take initiative to seek out professional support. They should have a
strong understanding and practice of work ethics and confidentiality.

Please review the job description for this position.

Please fill out the ‘Employment Application’ located on the green button. IMPORTANT: save the application to your hard drive and email BOTH ‘Employment Application’ AND ‘Personal Resume’ to