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Community Resource Center (CRC)

Flor Bermudez (CRC Supervisor)
(915) 544-8484, ext. 200
The purpose of the Community Resource Center (CRC) is to improve the capacity of the community to help children with special needs by providing education, empowerment opportunities, support services, and community awareness.


Information & Referral

Link people to resources in the community

Need guidance? Our information and referral specialist can provide information on programs, services and resources available in the community for families of children with special needs. Contact Araceli Urrutia at (915) 544-8484, ext. 192 or at


HOPES – Incredible Years Program

Group parenting classes and support services

The Incredible Years is an evidence-based, nurturing parenting program developed to guide parents learn different parenting strategies utilizing positive discipline to foster positive social behaviors in children and enhance their self-esteem.

  • Must have child between the ages of 0-5
  • Live in the El Paso County
  • Case management services are available
  • Parenting classes are offered in English and Spanish, at no cost to the parent/family member

Funded by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, PdN Children’s is a community partner with El Paso Center for Children and United Way. Contacts: Rose Gores ( or (915) 544-8484 ext. 273 or Leticia Wilson ( or (915) 544-8484 ext. 114


Leadership Academies for Families

Educational classes on topics related to disabilities to cultivate knowledge, self-empowerment, and advocacy skills

  • Leadership Academies offered: ADHD Parent Academy and Autism Parent Academy
  • Classes are open to everyone in the community at no cost and translation services are available

Funded by the Department and State Health Services (DSHS) and Children with Special Healthcare Needs (CSHCN) Program. Contact: Isabel Rubiera ( or (915) 544-8484 ext. 195


Case Management

A range of services to assist and support families of children with special healthcare needs

A case manager helps connect families to resources while providing support to the family to help the child reach his/her full potential.

  • Available to parent/guardian of a child with a disability 0-20 years of age and to youth with disabilities 18 and over transitioning to adulthood
  • Serve children/youth with private health insurance, no health insurance, or CHIP
  • Live in El Paso County

Funded by the Department and State Health Services (DSHS) and Children with Special Healthcare Needs (CSHCN) Program. Contact: Adriana Casado ( or (915) 544-8484 ext. 205


Respite Services

Provides short-term relief to primary caregivers of children/youth with special needs

  • For parents/guardians of children with special needs ages 6 weeks to 21 years of age


Sibshops and Social Skills Group

Workshops to promote inclusion, youth empowerment, and peer connections

  • Sibling workshops provide a safe space to share the joys and challenges of being a “Sib” of a brother/sister with special needs. “Sibs” ages 8-12 are given the opportunity to connect with other peers while engaging in fun, interactive activities.
  • Social Skills Groups provide a supportive and encouraging atmosphere for youth to interact, develop friendships and learn important life skills.

Funded by the Department and State Health Services (DSHS) and Children with Special Healthcare Needs (CSHCN) Program. Contact: Araceli Urrutia ( or (915) 544-8484 ext. 192

Partners in Academic Leadership (PAL) Project

Project to promote youth empowerment and peer connections

  • Support in developing knowledge & skills that support self-advocacy in youth with disabilities.
  • Empower & engage youth to be meaningful participants in their own Admission, Review & Dismissal (ARD) process.
  • Enhance youth’s own abilities to engage in broader advocacy & awareness.
  • Engage participants in learning key components of the ARD education process

Contact: Madison Orozco ( or (915) 544-8484 ext. 111