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Pediatric Therapy

The Pediatric Therapy Team strongly believe in the parent-child relationship and recognize that parents are their children’s first and primary teachers. We work collaboratively with parents. Our parents are part of the treatment team and receive guidance and coaching while actively participating in each of their children’s treatment sessions.

Speech-Language Therapy

Intervention provided by a Speech-Language Pathologist to children with delays in comprehension, verbal expression, articulation, fluency, voice, executive functioning, and pragmatics (social skills). Spanish / English bilingual evaluations and therapy available. Our Speech-Language Pathologists provide quality care to children with varying diagnoses to improve their communication skills using alternative communication strategies (i.e., manual sign language, AAC devices, and visual aids).

Auditory-Verbal Therapy

Intervention provided by an Auditory-Verbal Specialist to children with hearing loss who wear cochlear implants and/or hearing aids. Our Auditory-Verbal Specialists develop listening and spoken language skills in children with hearing loss whose primary form of communication is oral communication.

Occupational Therapy

Intervention provided by an Occupational Therapist to children with delays in fine motor development, sensory integration, handwriting, feeding, and activities of daily living. Our Occupational Therapists improve and increase children’s participation in everyday tasks via strengthening exercises, motor coordination, sensory activities, and/or adapting the children’s environment.

Feeding Clinic

The PdN Children’s Feeding team is comprised of a Gastroenterologist, Dietician, Speech-Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, and a Therapy Support Services Specialist. The team works together with the children and their parent(s) to assess, collaborate, and determine the best plan of care for the children who have poor feeding abilities. Our feeding team uses the SOS Approach to Feeding (Sequential Oral Sensory) for problem feeders. The feeding teamwork to increase the children’s comfort with taste, texture, smell, and consistency of food and develop improved oral-motor skills to support safe eating, hydration, and nutrition.


We are currently accepting referrals for all services.