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Our Mission

Mission Statement

It is the mission of PdN Children’s that we help children with special needs achieve their fullest potential.


Vision Statement

A world where all children thrive in an inclusive environment, recognized by their abilities and talents, rather than their differences.



We value our clients and treat them with respect and dignity.


Acceptance and Appreciation

We are advocates and community leaders, acting as the driving force for innovation and a higher quality of life.


Being a Change Agent

We strive to continuously identify new services and ways to support our children and families, meeting them where they are in their journey for growth.


Team-based and Customized Care

We ensure that every decision and interaction follows the strictest and highest expectation in ethics, rule, and regulation with regard to the work we pursue each day.


Ethical Roots

We are stewards of every dollar and resource we receive, maintaining a donor-driven philosophy for financial compliance as well as gratitude. Financial Stewardship is our goal.